Stanced Ferrari? Purists Look Away!

Here’s one way to piss off the whole internet and inadvertently getting the attention at the same time.



FERS.Cru in Japan has built a car that will surely enrages the Ferrari purists. The Slacker’s Haunt Ferrari 348 as it is called has been given the whole slammed look by the hot rod specialists.



The rear quarter panels have been widen and flared to give more space for the wide Works VS-XX fitted to the car to prevent rubbing on the stretched tyres during driving and when fully dropped on its airbag shock absorbers.


Purists be damned? Haters gonna hate? Whatever the saying it will be, to do these type of work on a classic Italian thoroughbred is a very bold move and FERS.Cru should be applauded for all the work the have done.

Because Japan.


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