Rocket Bunny Toyota Vios Doesn’t Exist? Just Make Your Own

Rocket Bunny is famous for making custom body kits for iconic Japanese cars especially the wide riveted-on kind but from my knowledge, they’ve never made a kit specifically for the mid-size Toyota Vios sedan that’s quite popular here in Southeast Asia.


That notion didn’t stop this particular Vios’ owner, who showcased the car at Car Lover Modified Gathering 2.0, from designing and creating his own custom kit that will suit the lines of the car but still staying true to the TRA_Kyoto design language.


From the half-cut rear bumper to the riveted-on front and rear overfenders and rear ductail spoiler, all the common criteria you’ll find on a Rocket Bunny creation is present.


With the car painted in eye-popping Tiffany Blue color and with Satin Black three-piece Work Meister S1 wheels filling up the overfenders, this “unofficial” Rocket Bunny has become quite a head-turner.


Based the quality of the kit and workmanship on the car, I would’ve believed that it was actually the work of Rocket Bunny themselves and not by a devoted fan if I didn’t know the reality of build.


Don’t take my word for it but even though this Toyota Vios might be considered more of a knock-off project rather than a licensed build for some people, I’ll say that even 6666 Customs founder Kei Miura would’ve approved based on the work done alone.

Photos & Words: Fathi Haziq


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