Join The Dark Side With The Hot Wheels First Order Stormtrooper

Entertainment Weekly has revealed the first images of the toy offerings for the long-awaited sequel of the legendary Star Wars movie franchise that will be displayed at San Diego Comic-Con and surprisingly one of them is diecast toy car. We like both cars and Star Wars so we are totally digging this.


The Hot Wheels toy based its design on the First Order Stormtrooper, a new iteration of the Empire’s iconic foot soldiers that will make their debut in The Force Awakens. Their design reflect onto the car’s appearance from the mouth-piece becoming the grill to the blasters that’ve turned into side exhausts for that intergalactic Hot Rod touch.



A LEGO-based Build-A-Figure and seriously cool Black Series First Order Stormtrooper will also be on display at SDCC alongside the Hot Wheels car with the Black Series figure will on sale in limited numbers.

We can’t wait till the Hot Wheels Stormtrooper hits retail so we can get a dozen of these and have a miniature diecast Imperial March on our desk. Now where did I put my Hot Wheels Darth Vader?


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