The Hardest Thing To Say Is Goodbye – Tribute To Speed City KL


The Malaysian drifting scene was shocked and saddened by the announcement of the closing of Speed City KL. So it’s no surprise that hundreds of Malaysian drifting enthusiasts came for the King of Asia drifting competition to pay their final support for the drift track.

Being the final ever event held in Speed City KL before it closes its gates for the very last time, King of Asia Malaysia didn’t just brought together the best drifters in Malaysia but also from the neighboring countries like Singapore and some drivers even came as far as Japan so the competition was one heck of a send-off for the track.

We’ll miss the times we spent on Saturdays hanging out with friends at the track and having great foods while seeing drift cars going balls out by shredding tyres sideways and riding the wall just a few feet from where we’re sitting. There’s no other place that you can experience tat amount of craziness.

To everyone at Speed City KL, thank you for all the great memories you’ve given us & we wish you guys a better and brighter future.



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