Bagged & Boosted – AMS Alpha | Eurowerks Audi R8 V10 Twin Turbo

When a German supercar doesn’t excite you enough, the only way to go is to add boost. LOTS OF BOOST.


On the Internet, you can easily find exotic cars that’s been heavily modified and running engines with force induction that produces crazy amount of horsepower. This is not the case in Malaysia. Modifying supercars is an uncommon practice here and finding one that’s been thoroughly worked on in both performance and aesthetics are just incredibly rare.

So when the owner of this Audi R8 V10, dubbed MONSTER8, came to Eurowerks with the idea to go all out on the modifications, they laid out a plan to make sure this will become one the best Audi R8 to have ever touched Malaysian roads.


Starting with the exterior, going against the norm of doing a full body vinyl wrap, the car is completely painted in Satin Black which gives it a sleek look and also gave the car a character that oozes aggressiveness.


An airbag system was custom-fitted to the suspensions courtesy of AccuAir Suspension with the air tank and twin air pumps neatly arranged in the tiny space under the front hood that some people might call a trunk. This also meant that this particular supercar is the first Audi R8 to run an air suspension system in Malaysia.


Slammed on the airbags, the R8 is practically sitting on the floor with the top of the tyres slightly tucked behind the fenders. Unfortunately, this meant the ADV.1 wheels that were originally ordered for the car that were too wide and wouldn’t fit when fully dropped which is why it’s still fitted with the factory wheels on its debut at Art of Speed Malaysia 2015.


Another first is the AMS Alpha twin turbocharger kit that’s rated to push the already potent 525hp V10 to a gnarly 900hp. Those numbers might be considered mild in modified exotics standards but with this being the first supercar to be fitted with this kit in Malaysia and probably the one and only custom-turbocharged exotics in the country, you can’t helped but feel that 900hp is plenty on the Malaysian roads.


Displayed with the rear bumpers removed, the twin turbochargers are fully exposed and they’ve become quite the attention grabbers as everyone can’t help but gave these pairs a second glance. Trying to take photos of the engine bay is quite a difficult task with the constant wall of people lined up behind the car and doubly so when the air suspensions are demonstrated.

With the creations of this boosted monster, Eurowerks has raised the bar when it comes to supercar modifications in Malaysia and we can’t wait to see it when all the modifications are fully completed.

More images:

IMG_1683 IMG_1696 IMG_1691


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