New Track-only 1050hp LaFerrari Is Called The FXXK. YES.


Ferrari has officially unveiled the FXXK, the absolutely-not-road-legal ‘XX’ track version of the LaFerrari hypercar. Just when you thought this crazy horse was already fast enough.

The FXXK (K stands for KERS) still runs the same hybrid drivetrain as the road legal car but the V12 engine and electric motor are tuned to produce 100hp more than the standard car. The maximum torque stands at a hefty 900Nm.


To make such power, the 6.3 liter V12 has been heavily modified with new camshafts and mechanical valve train instead of the road car’s hydraulic system.

The intake manifolds have been redesigned and given the port-&-polish treatment and the exhaust has changed to an straight-pipe configuration with the silencers complete removed. Expect some eardrum-busting V12 howl from this monster.


In the aerodynamics department, twin-deck front spoiler with side fins and a humongous diffuser at the rear improved the downforce effects over the road car.

The new high-mounted rear winglets are adjustable to 2 settings to either ‘high-downforce’ mode or ‘Low-drag’ depending on the driving conditions.


The HY-KERS system has been given racing updates with four modes, ‘Qualify’ for maximum performance, ‘Long Run’ to optimise performance consistency, ‘Manual Boost’ for instant maximum torque delivery, and ‘Fast Charge’ for quick battery recharge.

Will all this enhancements, performance figures and lap times will indefinitely improve over the road car. Take in mind, the ‘0-100kmh in 2.9 seconds’ LaFerrari is not exactly a slowpoke.


As with other ‘XX’ Ferrari cars, the FXXK is not eligible for any racing series or competition but will be used in the exclusive Client-Test Drivers program.

Price for the LaFerrari FXXK will be in the millions range but as always when it comes to hypercars, “If you need to ask the price, you can’t afford it.”




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